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Beacon Hill Community School is at the heart of the community in the historic town of Aspatria, situated on the edge of the Solway Plain. Our strength is our size – our small numbers ensure that we can deliver truly personalised learning, ensuring students develop the academic and life skills essential to be successful, confident and resilient young people, whatever their abilities.

Covid Update 28/03/2022

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to inform you we now have had an increase in the number of both staff and students who have tested positive for Covid-19.  Local government advice has confirmed we are now in Threshold ‘1’ of the framework for educational settings. As such we are concerned that we may be at risk of an outbreak.

We are therefore following advice from Cumbria Public Health who are recommending that we re-implement mask wearing this week, for students and staff, in all communal spaces. This does not currently include inside classrooms or outside.

We are also sending home additional home testing kits with students today and requesting that students test each Sunday evening for the next few school weeks and additional test tonight (Monday 28th March).

This additional testing will help to identify any new cases as soon as they become infectious, reduce the numbers of cases we are seeing in-school and help to avoid further in-school transmission.

If your child tests positive, please contact the school and register the result online.  The current advice to isolate for at least five days and then begin daily testing until two negative tests are recorded on two consecutive days, at which they would be able to return back to school.

When the school has in the past experienced surges in rates, we have implemented similar measures and thankfully cases have always reduced. The school continues to work closely with Public Health England and makes decisions in line with the guidance issued to schools. By implementing these measures, we hope to avoid any bubble closures and a return to remote learning, which some school across the county have recently had to do.

Thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring we can manage Covid-related issues in a robust and timely manner and keep as many students in school as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards
Tom Hailwood


Term Dates 2021-22 Letter

Term Dates 2021-22 060921

Exam Results and Appeals

Our students have had a difficult and anxious time as a result of the disruption caused by the pandemic, but have faced these difficulties with fortutide and optimism, and have worked incredibly hard to achieve the grades that they have been awarded.  The process of the submission of Centre Assessed Grades was carried out by their teachers with the upmost diligence and professionalism, and considered a wide range of evidence and followed our Centre Policy when submitting grades.

Our policy, which was checked and approved by JCQ, can be accessed here:

Beacon Hill Centre Policy 2021

If students wish to appeal, guidance and appeals form can be accessed here:

Student Appeals Guidance

Student Appeals Form

Note on the appeals form, there are some boxes that need not be completed – for example the UCAS number which is not applicable to our students, and submission dates are per our guidance, not per the dates on the Appeals Form.  Appeals Forms should be sent to beaconhill@beaconhill.cumbria.sch.uk by the date indicated in the Student Appeals Guidance.

Lateral Flow Home Testing Information

Please note the following information and links may need to be updated to reflect current procedures.

Download letter with Lateral Flow testing instructions


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Safeguarding & DA flyer for Cumbria residents

Safeguarding & DA flyer for Cumbria residents pt2 Safeguarding & DA flyer for Cumbria residents pt1
Update Privacy Notices and processing data during Covid-19

We have updated our privacy notices for students and parents here, and need to let all parents, visitors, students and staff know that personal data of employees, parents or visitors to school may be shared with NHS / Public Health Agencies / NHS Track and Trace where relevant to the Covid pandemic.  We will share information only with appropriate authorities, only through secure methods and we will limit the data shared to the minimum necessary.  We will verify the identity of individuals requesting personal data and keep a record of the data shared, and where practical will notify individuals whose data has been shared.  If you have any concerns or queries please contact our Data Protection Lead via the School Office.