Below are links to the Risk Assessments and Protocols in use during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The use of these risk assessments is applicable from 1st September 2020 onwards, and will be withdrawn  when appropriate.  As the risk assessments and protocols are updated, they will replaced on this webpage as soon as possible, but if in doubt please contact the school office who can provide the latest versions of any document you need.

Risk Assessments:

These documents cover the operational and premises risks related to Covid-19 and have been approved by Governors and SLT, and submitted to Cumbria County Council.  All staff MUST read these risk assessments.



CVS02 School Premises Risk Assessment May 2021

CVS03 School Operations Risk Assessment May Update

CV05 – Cleaning Procedures – day to day cleaning (for cleaning staff)

CV06 – Cleaning Procedures – in the event of Covid-19 contamination (for cleaning staff)

CV07 – First Aid Protocols (for first aiders)

CV08 – Cleaning and Hygiene Overview (for everyone)

We have other protocols that are shared on internal drives and are available on request.

There are also some documents that are important for staff to be aware of:

Home School Agreement

Covid-19 Behaviour Policy