Students at Beacon Hill School have access to a range of events and activities focused on careers throughout their time at the school.  Events and activities are selected and targeted on an annual basis to be appropriate for different age groups in the school, to support students in making informed choices throughout their time at the school

Careers, Information and Education Guidance: 

CIAEG refers to the guidance and support given to students in schools regarding their future career choices and development. This includes information about job opportunities, career paths, and educational requirements, as well as advice and guidance on choosing the right career path, developing skills and qualifications, and finding job opportunities. CIAEG is important for students in all key stages and school years, and we try to provide as many opportunities as possible and interventions to ensure that our students can make informed decisions about their careers and are able to achieve all their goals. At Solway/ Beaconhill school (change depending on the website it goes on) we aim to provide the following: 

  1. Career exploration tools and resources. We provide information on various career options and pathways through online resources, work experience, careers fairs, tours of future providers, workshops and assemblies on jobs both within the local area and further afield. Such tools help students identify their interests, skills and values that align with their career aspirations
  2. Careers advice and personal guidance. We ensure that all students have at least 1:1 session with a qualified careers guidance officer, on top of being provided with key vital information and experience from our careers leader to provide them with all the fundamentals that are essential in going forward in their future. This advice and personal guidance provide students with the support needed in choosing a career path, further education, higher education and college application process. This is important and allows them to develop a specific strategy in going forward.
  3. Curriculum and extracurricular activities. Many schools have career focused classes and extracurricular activities that help students develop relevant skills and knowledge in their chosen career field. There is plenty of information provided locally to help students develop a key understanding of a wide range of career paths and industries that are provided to our students locally. We provide students with a wide range of careers that have a direct link to our holistic curriculum to inspire them to look for aspiring jobs. 
  4. Work experience. In year 10 we offer the students the opportunity to go on to work experience. This allows students to gain a hands-on experience and exposure in an industry that they have a keen interest in. These experiences help students to develop essential skills and competencies that are required by employers, which can be pivotal in providing them a realistic environment what work will be like when they leave education. 

Overall, as a school we aim to equip students with the necessary tool’s resources, and guidance to make informed decisions and achieve success in their chosen careers. 


Letter to Parents 2022-23

Careers and Provider Access Policy

Careers Plan

Information for Staff: 

As a member of staff in our federation you are an important part of the careers provision that we provide for our students. This includes all teaching and non-teaching staff, you will come into contact with students and this may include you being asked careers-based questions or to participate in discussions that are surrounding careers. Linking careers to the curriculum is an aspect that we highly agree with. For more information in applying this to your subject please find information on the useful links below: 

My Learning My Future | CEC Resource Directory ( 

Start – Careers Information for Cumbria ( 

For further information please speak to your careers lead.