The Role of the Governing Body

As part of Cumbria Futures Federation, our Governing Body covers both Beacon Hill Community School and also Solway Community School.

In accordance with the government’s requirements for all governing bodies, the core 3 strategic functions of our Governing Body are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money well spent.

The Governing Body of Cumbria Futures Federation is made up of 15 Governors: 1 Parent Governor, 1 LA Governor, 1 Staff Governor, 1 Headteacher and 11 co-opted Governors.  Our Chair is David Davidson.

The full Governing Body meets at least once each half term.

Because of the size and nature of the schools, we operate a single Federation Governing Body  over both Solway and Beacon Hill School, with a Finance Committee (chaired by David Davidson), and convene special committees, such as dismissal, behaviour and so on, as needs arise.  Each Full Governors meeting takes place at least once every half term, and includes information on data and progress within school in order to ensure our Governors can challenge and support the progress and attainment of our students.

If you wish to attend a meeting or review minutes of any of our meetings, please contact our Clerk for details and to make arrangements.  Please email

2022 Governance Update from the Chair of Governors, David Davidson:

Following the experiences of the last 2 years amid a global pandemic, we acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of staff, students, parents and governors to continue moving our Federation forward and achieving positive outcomes for our students.  This year we will continue to build on this work to drive forward teaching and learning and our pastoral support structures to best help our students make the best possible progress in our schools.  Our school improvement plan builds on the work of the Federation to date, focusing on further improving teaching and learning in terms of developing our curriculum and lessons; a relentless drive to improve attendance and continue our excellent safeguarding practices; targeting our improvement activity effectively by knowing accurately how well our students are progressing and learning; improving oracy and literacy skills across our schools; continuing our focus on growth and development of our staff; and continuing our successful work in removing barriers for students.

Across both schools the Federation actively promotes inclusion, diversity and equality and provides a properly equipped learning environment where students feel welcomed, encouraged, challenged and, most importantly, want to learn and succeed.

The Federation leadership team and governing body have both vision and ambition for each school, and always ensure that each school is taken forward in a way that secures the best possible outcomes for students, staff, parents and the communities they serve.  We continue, relentlessly, to  inspire improvements, raise aspiration and expectations and ensure new initiatives are implemented across both schools.  It is not a surprise that the strengthened position of both schools has been evidenced by the outcomes of our students.

David Davidson, October 2022

“Members of the governing body have an accurate understanding of the strengths of the school, as well as those aspects that require further development. Since the previous inspection, governors have remained up to date with key issues through relevant training.  Consequently, the governing body hold leaders to account more diligently.” Ofsted May 2019

The Governing body is made up of volunteers who work together to help ensure that the students in our Federation not only receive the highest possible level of education, but also feel that school is a safe, enjoyable place to be.

Governors Register 2022-23

Governors Register 2021-22

If you wish to contact any of the school governors either write, phone or email via the school office.