Introduction to your subject

The English Department is driven by the belief that the teaching of English is of fundamental importance to the School and all students. We have the responsibility of providing students with the communication skills required to enable them to progress in all subjects across the curriculum and in higher education and beyond.

The English Department aim to promote reading for pleasure, encourage independence, use a range of strategies to engage pupils, support all learners to reach their potential, require learners to think deeply about a range of issues which affect their world.

Intent (curriculum content)

At Beacon Hill the English Department encourage students to develop as critical readers who question a writer’s viewpoint, motive and bias. We want them to have the ability to read, understand and enjoy a range of text types and to make connections between them.  By following a varied and progressive curriculum, our students gain an appreciation of the contribution writers make to our understanding of the world. We support students to mature into confident individuals who know how to adjust their language, structure and tone to suit the audience and purpose of a variety of written and spoken tasks.

Implementation – how the curriculum is delivered to your students.  Must be broken down by year group.  Must make it obvious how it is sequenced.  Must also be what you are actually teaching!

Year Content and implementation
7 and 8 In year 7 and 8 Students will study two class novels, a range of poetry, two Shakespeare plays, two modern plays and a range of non-fiction and media texts. They will build on the reading, writing and speaking and listening skills learned in KS2 and further develop their use of subject terminology.
9 In Year 9 students will study Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, War Poetry, the life and work of Charles Dickens, a variety of fiction and non-fiction from the nineteenth century and twenty first centuries and a Shakespeare play.

They will develop higher tier vocabulary, a variety of sentence structures and will understand how to adapt their writing for several different writing purposes. They will continue to add to their knowledge of English subject terminology.

10 and 11 Year 10 and 11 students follow the GCSE Literature syllabus studying Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls and a variety of poems from the AQA Anthology. The Language course requires students to respond to unseen texts fiction texts from the twentieth century, as well as non-fiction from the nineteenth and twenty first centuries.


ImpactHow your subject area is assessed – including details of any GCSEs taken.

In Key Stage Three staff will take a holistic approach to assessment across several tasks to monitor where learners are securing the knowledge and skills outlined in each unit.

In Key Stage Four all students will follow the AQA GCSE Language and Literature specifications.

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