LLMAC – Local Labour Market Aligned Curriculum


LLMAC is one of the many aspects of our school that makes it individual, forward thinking and deeply embedded within our community.

As a country we are in the midst of great change, and these changes have a major impact n Cumbria, which will accelerate in the coming years. In Cumbria, there is a significant shortage of people to take over the jobs of those projected to retire or leave in the coming years. This numbers in the tens of thousands, and there are just not enough students coming through from our schools and colleges to fill these often vital roles.

As part of this we decided, following extensive talks and consultation with local employers, county and nationwide employers and professional bodies to introduce the LLMAC curriculum.

LLMAC stands for Local Labour Market Aligned Curriculum, and as such the aims of it are fairly clear. We want to make sure that our students are prepared for, aware of and ready to accept the challenges that are coming, and grasp the huge opportunities that they offer.

The strands that weave together into LLMAC together with the traditional curriculum are Cumbrian award, Industry Project and Engineering.



Year Content and implementation
7 and 8 Year 7 and Y8 groups follow our Cumbrian Award as a subject. This award is being developed in Beacon Hill with the express aim of preparing our students with the necessary knowledge, communication and problem solving skills they will need to address both their and the local areas needs for the future. Independence is a core attribute, and many of the activities are designed with this in mind. Team work and defined team roles are also practised with each team member have a defined and contributory role.

Within Cumbrian award students learn more about not only the opportunities available to them and how to access them, but about the geographical features, the science that surrounds us, and historical aspects of Cumbria – often through planning then taking part in expeditions where they explore parts of our region with a guided purpose.

9 Year 9 continue with Cumbrian Award, but are also introduced to Industry Project. IP is where the students are exposed to the wider job and role opportunities available to them in Cumbria.

A business comes into school and works with the students usually on a 6 week project. Many of these businesses operate not only within Cumbria, but nationally and internationally too.

The format of IP is project and presentation work, again emphasising the problem solving and communication skills. Team work is vital – and the students often have to present their findings to professionals in the field they are exploring for that project. Site visits give a greater awareness and understanding of the industry that surrounds us. It is important that the students understand the diverse role available, for example, within the engineering sector there are massive opportunities in human resources, record keeping, quality assurance, catering, accounting, book keeping, and even medical. There are five core skills that we seek to develop in each student. These are

·         Communication

·         Teamwork and Leadership

·         Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking

·         Personal management

·         Creativity and Innovation

These five skills were arrived at following the extensive discussion with leaders in industry and education before programme started.

10 Year 10 LLMAC continues with Industry Project, and Engineering as outlined above.
11 Y11 builds on Y10 with Engineering culminating in the final qualification.



LLMAC is assessed on a different basis to other subjects, with students expected to work towards the five skills outlined through their project work. There is a progression through each of the skills, and this is split into four descriptors Introductory, Developing, Applying and Excelling. This allows for students who have particular strengths or weaknesses in a particular area to be self-reflective in assessing their own performance and be aware of their own particular areas of development or success.

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