Cumbrian Award


Cumbrian Award (3)Beacon Hill are excited to be the trailblazers of a new qualification, now being rolled out throughout the county.  The Cumbrian Award has been developed by Beacon Hill over the last three years with partners including the National Trust, The Forestry Commission, Derwent Hill and Mountain Rescue. The Award is endorsed by The Lake District National Park World Heritage Site organisation. Beacon Hill have led the development of the qualification with a number of the county’s secondary schools and primary partners.

Cumbrian Award (4)Students develop a true sense of Cumbria’s fantastic offering and are increasing their participation in the county. The qualification develops a sense of identity and place for young people in Cumbria. Students actively engage in the outdoors – planning and leading adventures including hill walking, mountain biking, kayaking and road cycling. Building on these adventures students take part in substantial conservation projects to enhance and preserve the environment they are enjoying. A social enterprise unit sees students link with local employers to not only raise money to fund their Adventures, but also to enhance their understanding of the complex and diverse Cumbrian economy and the opportunities it presents. A Community Project element sees students engaging with local government, accessing funds and positively contributing to their area of Cumbria. Important in all of this is an appreciation and celebration of Cumbria’s rich cultural heritage and developing an awareness and embracing of this in young Cumbrians. The Cumbrian Award delivers the full package of Enterprise, Adventure, Conservation and Culture in Cumbria.

Cumbrian Award  Cultural Forum